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March 2021

Covert MeditationsCovert: 30 Movement Meditations is a collaborative work with Canadian-based choreographer Melanie Kloetzel of the University of Calgary (Kloetzel & Co). Five years in the making, it was developed through workshops in Plymouth, Exeter, Calgary, Liverpool, Glasgow, Teignmouth and elsewhere. This handbook is a response to the psychological onslaught from screens and algorithms and appears at a moment when these pressures have been redoubled by a series of Lockdowns. 

The book proposes a philosophy, a process and techniques for protecting and nurturing subjectivity as it comes under assault from invasive digital platforms and a culture of exposure. ‘Covert’ is all about protecting the rights of the unconscious to remain hidden and to safeguard the delicate moments when the unseen emerges into the awareness of the self. The book has been developed to support creative being, ease stress and overexposure, and protect the parts of us that need to stay in the shadows. Its primary tool is the body, and the book suggests everyday local places where you can try the 30 different movement meditations. Each one is illustrated, and they come with a detailed description of how to approach the overall process.

 If you would like more information please go to the link below. If you know of anyone who you think might benefit by using the Covert Meditations, or if you know of someone who works professionally in welfare or mental health support and might find the techniques useful, then please do share the link with them.