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Sam Burcher reviews Jonathan Jeremiah at The Borderline, 6th December 2010

jonathan jeremiah smLast night I went to hear Jonathan Jeremiah sing at the Borderline.  I was there on the recommendation of Robert Elms (who is a fellow Blitz Kid and Radio London DJ) and to support what’s left of London’s small music venues.

The evening didn’t get off to the best of starts.  The two tickets that I booked online had failed to arrive in the morning post, which nowadays is more like the afternoon post. So, with my printer out of action, I had to take my netbook along to the Borderline with my email receipt saved to the desktop as proof of purchase.  It was only after a flurry of confusion that seemed to involve all the strangest feelings I’ve ever had going into a club, that my tickets were traced on their system.

After prising open the door into the venue, which seemed conspiratorially shut to a small band of latecomers, we were in, standing stock still on the stairs in the spindly presence and luxurious voice that is Jonathan Jeremiah.  Looking suitably Christ like, sporting a beard and flowing hair, JJ was flanked by an understated and talented band of disciples playing trumpet, double bass, violins and soft shuffle drums, and sounding like a stunningly redolent hybrid of a young Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis and Phil Lynott, with a little something extra.

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