2nd June 2017

“We can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we can at least stop adding to them”  Caroline Lucas

If you are reading this blog, it is probably sometime in the future and not in 2017, because it appears that many of us humans are not ready for the green paradigm. But if you are reading it now, welcome. You may well be asking the same questions as me. Why are still clinging to our 20th century ideals of oil, world wars and wasting nature’s resources? Why are we still all in love with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the idea that man can create a monster and expect it to not come at a price of total destruction.

The difference between 2017 and the Industrial Revolution that began in the 18th Century is that we now know the effects that human behaviour is having on the planet. Today more people than ever feel the need to take personal responsibility for their human revolution/evolution and the effect of their behaviour on the environment. We find ourselves in a time of change where the challenge is to live with our individual conscience, yet act as a community.  If we need politics at all, it is a politics of responsibility, conscience, and care, if we do or say nothing it is our fault.

It was extreme weather events that promoted great writers like Shelley to take note of what was happening through storytelling. Volcanos, earthquakes, floods and freezes are out of our hands, but we can do something to reduce the pressure on the planet from mining, plastics, pollutants and de-forestation. My Green Electraglide focusses on the solutions and bemoans the problems perhaps a little. It is the vehicle that transports me into the past and the future, and very much into the present moment to report and witness the development of human consciousness in nonlinear time.

You are invited to comment and contribute, but most of all enjoy the ride!