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Fat-cat entrepreneurs lap up profits,

reduce 'things' to plastic packed parts,

drowning whale song with distressing

drilling, fracking, polluting, warming,

cracking ice shelves in toxic oceans,

clearing forests for palm oil plantations.

A line transcendent poets never uttered,

“Lies, Denial, Greed, all you ever need.”


Eco-conscious humans do not fragment,

restore uncorrupted woleness instead,

produce new paradigms of kindness.

Poets carved directives for centuries

on trees, in heaths of harmony, united,

“Love, Truth, Beauty, all you ever need.”


 (c) Sam Burcher


Orange hairdo, yellow Renault,

beaded curtains, red bordello,

leopard wallpaper, thigh-high boots,

she sold her house to Peter O’Toole.


She’s got demons, mirrored ceilings,

smokes her reefers every evening,

Clash, her favourite, London Calling

in stereo, all night ’til morning.


She’s an old soul, went new wave,

got a toy boy, half her age,

fills her garage full of vintage,

she gives to charity - Amnesty.


She’s got knowledge, not from college,

learned her moves on the music scene,

seduced my brother, undercover,

now she’s a teacher in Palmers Green.


(c) Sam Burcher


Sian Thomas

Millbrook West, Ashdown Forest, 21st May

by Sian Thomas
On the A22 the lorries shake.  It’s feisty here,
not like Sussex: a stopping place, anonymous;
a place for passing crimes, stealing cars.
I force myself to leave mine
to the march of someone’s stereo;
its bass nods in the sorrel, the last bluebells.
This is and isn’t Forest.  It’s an odd bit: it’s got traffic
in its ears, cigarette butts, suspicious tissues.

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3rd June 2017

“You are part of the very weave o silken thread,” Rainer Maria Rilke

waterloo festival 1On the way to the Writing on the Wall festival, St John’s Church, Waterloo, I saw heavily armed police officers at the train station. Within hours Britain’s latest terror attack had claimed innocent lives at London Bridge. Amidst troubled times and with the currency of care and consciousness as their starting point, living Poets are asking this important question.

Caduceus poetry Editor Jay Ramsay gathered the influential speakers togeher each one prefacing their talk with a poem of choice. Giles Hutchins, business leader and author of The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit read Rilke's Sonnet to Orpheus who is entreated to be transparent, transformed and aware of the bigger picture. Giles does not doubt that this is the hour of humanity’s reckoning, a moment to rejoin the hands of science and spirituality. He said timeless wisdom and long understood deep interconnectedness and sacredness replaced in the West by materialism and reason is causing separation and increasing fear, anxiety and individualism. A poetic way of being in the world of harmony, compassion and wisdom is the ground on which we now must walk.

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The Wall  

by Sam Burcher


All I could hear was the voice saying to me:

'‘Your fear is a wall you must overcome and ultimately bring down.

To tear down this wall is your calling,

to challenge the fear instilled in you by others,

and not to let terror overwhelm you, no matter how small you feel.   


This wall was sent to test you,

but you must prevail

to scale it,

and break it down,

brick by brick,

and rebuild your house.’


 (c) Sam Burcher 2013  First Published in Garland, Flowers of Spirit (2013) and Caducues Magazine (2014)

For the women…Saving the Arctic by Jay Ramsay

women climbing the shard


The very thought of it

could make your palms sweat.

Sheer dizzying ascent of glittering hot glass ice!

Scaling it, this monument

spire of spires

bared under a Godless sky

pyramid of Mammon

where only corporations rule…Pharoahic

summit sheared off like a knife

tip snapped to skeletal scaffolding…

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