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Garland Front CoverSam Burcher is a modern troubadour, and part of a new wave in poetry that is on its way as she is. A profoundly gifted lyricist and singer, she brings that music and a fearless transparency to all her written words with precision, insight, relevance, and grace. I'm glad she's here with us...
— Jay Ramsay, author of The Poet in You and poetry editor of Caduceus magazine.

Hauntingly beautiful verse, brimming with delicate imagery that lives on in the
mind long after it leaves the tongue.  A metaphorical treat...
— Sam Edwards, poet, film maker and novelist.

This collection comprises compellingly detailed travel pieces, written during visits to the Mediterranean, and Sam focuses on her London life, effectively defamiliarising what, in the hands of lesser writers, would be the most mundane conditions...
— Nick Papadimitriou, author of Scarp, an Independent Book of the Year 2012


Garland by Sam Burcher is available at waterstones


You can also purchase a PDF version of Garland from us for £3.99



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